About Me

Image by Jacob Love

I’m an artist that cooks a lot of food.

Love Food. Love Art. Love Dancing.

…….I trained and worked as a chef in hotels and restaurants (here in the U.K., Switzerland and Australia). I became a food stylist, preparing and cooking food for photography for books and magazines, working with lots of the top cooks and chefs.

…….Took time out to study a full-time B.A. in Fine Art at  St Martins College of Art, (now University of the Arts London) graduating 2001.

……..Kept on cooking……kept on food styling….kept food in my artwork…..

…….Travelled to S.W Sicily twice a year with the wonderful Maxine Clark, (and her wonderful cooking) to teach Sicilian cookery to English speaking guests. I did this for more than 12 years. Because of Sicily, and because of Maxine, fennel, tomatoes, aubergines, lemons, anchovies, sea salt, sausages, sardines, capers, basil, olives and olive oil will forever, and always, be my most favourite of all ingredients.

…….I’m a cookery writer, and was the columnist of Cheat’s Dinner Party in Stella Magazine (Sunday Telegraph) from 2007-2011.  A very reasonably priced three course menu for 6 people cooked in an hour. Lindsey Bareham and Shaun Hill had penned the column before me.

……I took up blogging. If I could, I would cook, photograph, write recipes and post the results up every day, as I love cooking, photographing the process, and posting it up. It allows me a space to be more creative with my crossover disciplines of food and art, and get stuff out there.

……Gave up food styling……

…….Kept on cooking….

…..Took lots of photographs…..

……..Started food styling again…..

……I make good, simple, seasonal recipes, that are packed full of flavour, that make the most out of ingredients. I drop in tips and techniques into the recipes, that help make cooking life easier and I’m making lots of little videos to illustrate these.

…….I try to cook up everything in my organic veg box, and post up the results where I can. I don’t always fully do this and sometimes I throw things out. Oh dear. But I try.

……I’d really like to start, or be involved in, an  edible/kitchen community garden…..where we could cook the produce on site…..

…..I’m very interested in food and art coming together as performance. Think Bompass & Parr and Caroline Hobkinson. (see also Secret Sensory Supper which I choreographed for her.) I also like the idea of using disused or unusual spaces, for creative ideas.

…….My new cook book, ‘Dinner at Mine’ (a selection of 52 of the Cheat’s Dinner Party menus) which I photographed myself, has just been published.

Whoop! Yes! Whoop! Yes! Whoop!

…..still taking lots and lots of photographs…….and writing lots and lots of recipes….

2 Responses to About Me

  1. I rarely say this but that’s such a good idea for a book. My wife has been saying someone should write exactly that book on a regular basis for the last 40 years. I very much like your blog.

  2. Thank you so much!
    Which book idea?! My Dinner at Mine?
    I honestly do love blogging/internet. It’s where I can pour out the endless multitude of stuff I do.

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