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Beetroot Caviar

Yesterday this recipe of mine was printed in the new ‘Cook’ magazine in The Guardian. It’s bloody good…. Beetroot Caviar ……..a re-post Easy peasy. A brilliant and gorgeous, magenta puree.

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Beetroot, Coconut, Orange and Pomegranate Soup

For Magali. I know I promised. At last here’s the recipe…. Beetroot,  Coconut, Orange and Pomegranate Soup

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Engalin by the fire. En France.

I recorded this one evening at Engalin in 2009, as everyone busied themselves in different parts of the chateau. Javier Navarrete’s Long Long Time Ago from the film Pan’s Labyrinth, plays in the background… As I sit here in front of a hot Engalin fire … Continue reading

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Winnie’s Christmas cake brown paper #recycle

Whilst sorting out Winnie’s things recently, we found this brown paper that she had used to wrap her christmas cake before baking every year……Merry Christmas! X  

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Feather Wreaths – Goose and Turkey Feather Wreaths

Look what arrived from Somerset this morning!…More beautiful hand-made feather wreaths and tags/tree decorations by my Sister Jane for the Black and White Christmas Market. Come buy/by the beautiful feathers…….    

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Home made Marshmallows – Elderflower Snow and Vanilla

Here’s my little fluffy cloud marshmallow cutters. Designed by me, beautifully made by Yasemen Hussein in copper. Remember the Elderflower snow I made back in the summer? Well I’m putting it to good use to make light as a cloud Elderflower Marshmallows … Continue reading

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Honeyed Quince and Vanilla Tarte Tatin with Marzipan – Quinces are in…

Today I was tweeted by Sarah Taylor (@happerley50) asking hopefully, if the picture of rolled pastry I had posted on Instagram, was going to be filled with quinces? (me thinks she may have a pile to use up…) It wasn’t, but she … Continue reading

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Black and White Christmas Pop-Up Market 1st and 2nd December 2012

Once again I’ve decided to throw open the doors to my studio and invite some very clever people to make, sell and perform some wonderful stuff. This is what’s it’s looking like so far…. ….Black treacle toffee, Warm White Russians, … Continue reading

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