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Beetroot Caviar

Yesterday this recipe of mine was printed in the new ‘Cook’ magazine in The Guardian. It’s bloody good…. Beetroot Caviar ……..a re-post Easy peasy. A brilliant and gorgeous, magenta puree.

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Beetroot, Coconut, Orange and Pomegranate Soup

For Magali. I know I promised. At last here’s the recipe…. Beetroot,  Coconut, Orange and Pomegranate Soup

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Honeyed Quince and Vanilla Tarte Tatin with Marzipan – Quinces are in…

Today I was tweeted by Sarah Taylor (@happerley50) asking hopefully, if the picture of rolled pastry I had posted on Instagram, was going to be filled with quinces? (me thinks she may have a pile to use up…) It wasn’t, but she … Continue reading

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In season October…….Onions and garlic


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Sweet Sweetcorn Polenta with Roasted Greengages, Plums and Nectarines

In a previous post you’ll see I made fresh sweetcorn polenta, (sort of creamed corn.) using the fresh corn kernels stripped from it’s cob. Luckily part of our seasonal shopping haul on Monday at Ridley Road was sweetcorn still wrapped up in … Continue reading

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What’s in season October……..Dalston dinner

Since I lived in Dalston in the ’80’s, the noisy, chaotic, messy Ridley Road Market has thankfully remained a constant in this now rapidly changing area.

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Pumpkin Chicken Spinach Soup

More than a mere soup. This is a main meal. It’s rich, it’s filling, it’s gorgeous. Oh yes and it’s easy…. Lou asked if tofu would work in this for a vegetarian option? Sure does, add it in place of … Continue reading

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Beetroot Coconut Curry – And then I had it again….

I had it again and this time I stirred in 75 ml whipping cream into each portion, added some freshly boiled eggs to the top with the crushed cashews. A rich, sweet and filling and a brilliant vegetarian dish that … Continue reading

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