Rick James ‘Give it to Me Baby’

Ridiculously brilliant! Thank you @driftwoodstory


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Seville Orange Curd

No excuses, just a new post……Hoo-friggin- yay!

SevilleOrangeCurdAnnieNichols©2014Seville Orange Curd

I had bought some Seville oranges form my local organic veg box scheme, (Organic Wick) they sat in my fruit bowl….and sat….and sat…..and sat….until I eventually got round to making this creamy curd……I kept the skins of the oranges and I’m in the process of making candied peel….I carefully emptied the eggs out of their shells and made little vases for some white tulips…..see above…..Tomorrow I’ll make a gluten free lemon and orange almond cake and this curd will be slathered in the centre with some creme fraiche….Friends are coming for tea….. Continue reading

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Gilbert and George – Gordon’s Makes Us Drunk 1972

It’s Christmas and time to get drunk. Very drunk..

I love this short film of the artists Gilbert and George getting drunk (very drunk) on Gordon’s gin. Continue reading

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May, well some of May….

MayThis was some of my May…….. Continue reading

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It’s been a long, long time.


Well it has, I know. I find myself using instagram more and more, (esp with vid app now) and post on here less and less. Things are gonna change. Soon you’ll be able to see my instagram feed on here and here’s a collage I made ages ago, that I never managed to post up. I kept postponing because I wanted to write loads. I didn’t have time. More to follow shortly.

Anyhow. Listen to this old beauty below I found when googling, It’s been a long, long time…… Continue reading

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Beetroot and Brown Sugar Floating Islands on a Chocolate Custard Sea


I had borrowed Lauren’s vintage American waffle iron and she had borrowed my Sicilian cake stand for ages and ages. We both felt guilty. Today we did an amnesty and swapped objects. George made his sour dough waffle batter, Lauren did the waffle making and I finished off the Beetroot Floating Islands I had made to go alongside. Those waffles were the best I ever had! Continue reading

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Beetroot powder and beetroot ink and beetroot art


I really like beetroot. Continue reading

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Paper Air Planes

I have a fascination for paper. It stems from being a kid. I was always drawing or making something and my dad used to bring extra home from work. I make paper wreaths, pom poms and flowers from it using old shopping lists, collage, crowns….

For the launch party of my book, Dinner at Mine, I booked a 1980’s double decker bus to pick up and bring guests from central and east London, to studio e2.

Each guest was given some felt tip pens, a paper cup to customise and to drink fizzy wine from. Sheets of old school computer paper (you know the stuff that has perforated edges that you tear off) were also handed out and everyone were instructed to make paper air planes. These airplanes (with more made by guests in the studio) were then stuck on strips of white gaffer tape stretched between the beams, to decorate the party.

Here’s a few that are still hanging in on there….StudioE2PaperAirplanes


My mum Winnie said if she was ever going to fly then it had to be on Concorde! So the family clubbed together and she flew on a Concorde round trip over the Bay of Biscay fro her 70th birthday. She loved it.

Here’s some more planes….¬†

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