Below are my first blogs I never posted.

Below are my first blogs I never posted.

It’s 10.30 pm I’m tapping away this to you, whoever you may be. It’s, um, 18 May 2009 and I’m in the middle of creating my website.

I can’t tell you how exciting this is. It’s exciting for me cause it’s a culmination of many things but also something fluid that will change and grow naturally from now.

I love food. I love art. I love dancing. I love. And sometimes I love in a different order.

It’s all about me innit. This is my life. This is what I do. This is partly who I am.

No, no bloke. Had a one night stand recently who promised to make me a pair of ballet shoes. Well he had me hooked. I so believed him. I had picked the colour (pale pink first, then red and navy….) and everything.

I went on a kinda blind date with someone quite famous (with some clients.) Bad move. They sit me right next to him, it was packed, we were squashed together, it was hot, it was like an arranged marriage. He was overpoweringly gorgeous!

BUT I was so overwhelmed by it all, I felt part comatosied (or out of body!) and I wasn’t myself.(and then became worried that, that I was really like that.) I was so awkward and everything I said sounded wrong. It was like I was throwing up wrong words. I think I freaked him out. Oh dear. I’ve had to keep myself busy since just so I don’t dwell on it too much.

It helps I’m also in training to cycle to France with Kate, Gina and Raquel. We are heading to a place called Sete in the south to go to the Giles Petersen Worldwide Festival. (beginning of July) We hope to do 1/2 cycle 1/2 train. I’m very excited and starting to get fit. (and lose weight. Hoorah!) We’re gonna have fun. It’s not how quick we can get there. And I think there will be tears. Probably mine.
£35 is difficult to serve 6 people a 3 course dinner menu. Sadly I can’t usually afford to pay for organic. I try very hard to keep things as seasonal as I can. It usually means that produce is cheaper then because there is a bounty of it.

Getting to include enough fish or meat of a high quality for that price is more difficult. I do what I can. I write good recipes that work. You’ll learn loads and they will on the whole taste fucking good. I’m not going to tell you to just put a bottle of sauce with something. You know how to do that already.

Cooking is fantastic and the more you do the more you want to do. There are methods and tips that really help me in the cooking process. Helpful ideas that make life smoother and easier.

I’ll show you exactly what I do, what I use and how I do it. I have really favourite knives. I’ll explain why they are favourites.

Food can taste so good. Most people don’t seem to know that.

Last night for dinner I had a few Maltesers. They were in a packet by my bed and were the remnants of a large packet I had spontaneously bought in Sainsbury’s the night before.

But I love linguini con vongole. I had it once in Sicily and that flavour will stay with me forever. I’d like to think I will have it again and it will taste as wonderful.

I had a burger King recently. After Jacob’s private view I cycled home a bit pissed to be quite honest and stopped in I think, though I’m not 100% sure, in Leicester square. It is such an addictive food. I hadn’t had one in about 3 years, and then, that’s all I wanted.

I do crave a macdonalds milk shake every so often but I can’t actually remember the last time I had one.

Fat coke or thin coke? Fat everytime otherwise what’s the point.

Cups of tea. Earl Grey whenever possible. Love it. Very happy with a cup of Earl grey. I drink loads of tea. I like tea.

Salad leaf. Oak leaf. Best salad ever. It’s kind of buttery. Though I did make a salad last Saturday with one Rosie had bought and I didn’t wash it properly so it was disgustingly gritty. Bugger. Rosie ate hers and said it was like the tiny crystals in the cheese. I knew what she meant but I couldn’t eat mine cause it was so horrible. That head of oak leaf looked so damned handsome too.

Favourite cheese? Top would have to be aged gouda. Orange, hard on appearance but nutty and smooth too. Haven’t had any in ages, though saw some in a shop the other day and I thought must get some. But didn’t.

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