Hot Meals Now

It’s actually gone live.

It’s out there.

Go and have look.
I really am proud of it.
It looks fucking good.

Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!

It is also so exciting. I have no idea what might happen next. It’s a good time for me. It’s been a busy old year. But I know it’s all worth it. I have never felt like this before. It feels like I think surfing could feel like, just before the crest of a wave. It’s very, very, very, very exciting.

Tea party Three last Friday was amazing. Annika, Denny, Flossy, Stuart, Zoe, helped me make 2000 paper balls to strew across the floor, Daniel made giant paper airplanes to push through the rafters. Carl (DJ) made small paper airplanes and Heide, Henok and Little Floss decorated the studio with them. Mikey painted a huge computer keyboard on the floor, (helped later by Gavin & Daniel) and later he made me an amazing frock out of old computer paper. I looked hot.
We had a back projection of the website with another on the floor and a video showing of me in the kitchen. It’s a test video I’ve made of a Cheat’s Dinner Party menu. (same menu in Stella today) I really enjoyed making it. I must thank Tom for all his help editing.
Heide and Floss made me Chilli Chocolate (I think Heide called them Sparkle) rice crispy cakes and Jason took some brilliant pictures of them making them. Jasmines rum cake made us sway and Trace made beautiful cup cakes.
Mima made a Victoria sandwich which someone (and I can’t remember who) came running up to me to tell me that it was the best cake she’d ever had.
Valerie and Rawdon brought a whole perfect Brie de Meaux. God I love that cheese. I had forgotten how good it was. She also brought boxes of crackers including those wonderful hexagonal little crackers that are charcoal. They kind of taste of it and look like it. It really stank but it was good.
Raquel made herself a cardboard computer with a mouse attached that she offered to anyone, saying, “Switch me on!”
A man turned up with a sax and played along. That’s what I love about my parties, I can never guess how they are going to be. Something always happens on the night which is so special.
Trace, Denny, Karina, Stuart, Lawrence and Dave, absolutely won best dressed. Jesus amazing. Trace really freaked me out. She had on a huge pair of naked plastic breasts, blond silvery wig and false eyelashes. She looked fantastic. One bloke said that even though he knew they were fake tits, he still found himself staring at them. And I knew what he meant. She looked so hot and so different it was incredible. She said she loved it. Denny was her silicon surgeon. I didn’t even recognise Lawrence when he came in. I want Stuart’s gold lame jacket. Lady Karina, looked weirdly stunning!
Kate came as a circuit board and didn’t understand why no one saw that. She just looked so beautiful in the green dress she made herself. Lauren made a head piece out of a circuit board and Hannah was sizzling in her little silver hot pants and waistcoat.
Carl dj’d along with Nicky G and Tim and they rocked it as usual. We danced til about 8 O’clock in the morning.
The studio looked like a strip club floor last night. I didn’t ask anyone to help clear up, so I’m doing it slowly. There’s 2000 squashed paper balls to pick up and the normal party carnage. The best way to look at it, is, that at least I don’t have cream carpets.
Anyone know how to fix a broken mirror ball?
Love & Love


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