Art & Food Roast Charlotte Potatoes

After starting out the evening eating Sicilian vegetables (fennel, cauliflower, baby onions and potatoes) with saffron, pine nuts, raisins and capers. (brought back from a shoot of Diana Henry’s recipes. ) I marvelled at the goodness of it and then much later as I sat in my studio in front of my computer, snowing steadily outside, hot water bottle on my lap, a woolie scarf around my neck, watched reruns on iplayer (episode 3 & 4) of The School of Saatchi. I was hungry and headed to the fridge and saw off a piece of Gruyere. As I removed the rind I also speared a few charlotte potatoes and lay them on an oven shelf to bake. 11.45 Yes perfect comfort food. Baked little pots, unsalted butter, sea salt flakes and an appetite. Well done Eugenie I thought. Though I am a bit partial to some Mike Nelson impersonations. Shame Matt.

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