Baked Egg in Squash

Cut a small squash in half and scoop out the seeds or use the bulbous part of a small butternut squash. Rub a little extra virgin olive oil, (seems extravagant, but does make a difference.) sprinkle with sea salt flakes and a couple grindings of black pepper and place in a hottish oven about 200 C (my oven is quite hot.) for about 10-15 minutes or until the flesh is really tender.

Reduce the heat to 150 C, crack an egg into the cavity and pop back in oven for another, say, 5 minutes?  I like it really runny……. (the bottom image is a bit too cooked for me.)…….I’ve done it with chorizo before. Put a few slices of chorizo in when you are first roasting the squash. I think you could add a hint of sherry vinegar or maybe just sherry…..A spoonful of cream spooned in near the end.

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