Chicory Risotto

Feeling sorry for myself with a stinking cold, sitting in my studio at the computer with a hot water bottle on my lap and a woolie hat on my head, (oh the glamour.) I needed something warming for lunch.

I had put a post up yesterday with a recipe for a lemon risotto and ended up writing and testing another risotto recipe for my Cheat’s Dinner Party column (Stella magazine) to be published 31st January.

This time I used chicory, a vegetable (or do you call it a salad ingredient?) that I’ve become obsessed with in recent times. Usually with a kick of bitterness, here in the risotto it melts down into sweet buttery, nuggets of joy.

I added a few prawns today and still had to have some grated Parmesan, even though they (who are “they?”) say that’s mortally sinful with fish risotto.

I curled up on the sofa with a soothing lemon, honey and ginger toddy, (No whisky for me, on the wagon til end Feb….gawd!) listening to Jarvis Cocker’s brand new show on 6Music. (which I love already!) I feel better.

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