Sake Soaked Fruit

18 fresh lychees or rambutans, peeled ( or 1 x 425 g can)
6 clementines, tangerines or satsumas
50 g dark muscovado sugar
200 ml water
500 ml Sake

Fortune cookies or other light biscuit to serve

Peel the lychees or rambutans and place in a deep serving bowl. Peel the clementines separate the segments making sure none of the white pith is attached and add to the bowl.

Place the sugar, water and sake in a pan and heat gently until the sugar has dissolved.  Remove from heat, pour over the fruit, stir gently together and set aside.

Serve in little bowls with a fortune cookie.

Note – If using canned lychees or rambutans use the syrup they come in instead of the water and only 30 g of muscovado sugar.

From archive of my Cheat’s Dinner Party column Stella Magazine first published 6th January 2008

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