Umami Moments Chicken Tikka and Blood orange and sugar pancakes

It’s been a while I know. I’ve been stupidly busy, but now I’ve set aside time in the studio. I can’t tell you how amazing this is for me. Phones off and on divert. It’s quiet too. No contact with anyone now til Monday. Time to make.

Been getting on with my book proposal again. I think the book will be amazing I just need to get the right publisher. Looking good. I’m going to incorporate other recipes so it’s not just the Stella menus. Lots and lots of images but also more of an entertaining book maybe. But really useful. Any ideas?

Guilty pleasures……..
Had Tesco chicken Tikka Masala for lunch with garlic and coriander nan.  I never buy ready meals, ever, except for chicken tikka Masala every few months. Yes of course I can make my own and yes it will be good and If I wanted quality I could go to Lahore Kebab House. But it’s also the intensity of those almost plastic flavours. (Or maybe thats the smell of the plastic tray it’s in, melting.) It gives me a hit. I would say this is a prime moment of Umami.

Umami for me is when a taste is just right,  sweet, sour, salt, bitter, savory is all there, and that combination gives you a hit. I feel sated and get a hit too. Lots of junk food does this. (MSG is Umami!) Really good food does it too. I’m interested in what satisfies us if anything? and for how long? Not just food. What really hits us in the happy spot?

My desert island dishes change all the time. I would get bored of always eating the same thing anyway.

Pancakes last night with Flossy, Tim, Tom and Benjy. Top work Floss. I managed a ham and cheese variation and then the blood orange and sugar option. Yes 2 umami moments.

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