Chicken (carcass) stock

As I’ve polished off the roast chicken, I can make a little stock to stick in the freezer.  I always forget to do this after a roast and it will be so good to have it at hand when I fancy making a good brothy Thai soup or some such and really it’s so much better than any stock cube that Marco Pierre White might (quite bizarrely!) suggest. Don’t get me wrong I have chicken and vegetable stock cubes/liquid in the studio for an emergency but when I have the choice, fresh is more than infinitely better.

Anyhow here’s what I did…

1 cooked chicken carcass picked to the bone!
a couple of large carrots chopped
a leek or 2, chopped
an onion, chopped
few sticks celery
few black peppercorns
2 bay leaves
some parsley stalks

Bung all in a large pot. Cover with cold water. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer gently for 2-3 hours or so. Skim off any gunk occasionally. When it’s ready, strain through a fine sieve, cool then chill and/or freeze.

I do usually try and keep those veggie ingredients around and you could of course add other bits and pieces. Other herbs, maybe thyme or a touch of tarragon. Just don’t go too heavy on it or your stock will just taste of that herb. I’m often fond of popping a star anise in sometimes to happily infuse. Also a few cloves of garlic would give a gorgeous sweetness.
Nb. Check out my recipe on here for Parsley soup and that gives a fuller idea of chicken stock making.

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