6 March 2010 17.43, 17.44 & 21.48 p.m

View from Wobbly (Millenium) Bridge 17.43, 17.44 & 21.48 p.m

Saturday and it’s painting class again. I’m painting a bloody nose! A concrete nose transferred to canvas. I’m not inspired. I’m struggling with it. I’ve done an art degree for god’s sake.

Day two of the Photofilm series at Tate Modern with an evening screening of films. I’m even more…….

inspired. http://www.tate.org.uk/modern/eventseducation/film/photofilmseasonseries.htm
Again the use of the still image in film. The Ken Jacobs Capitalism: Child Labor, 2006 was amazing but I really wanted to jump up and scream out for it to stop. It was one of the most physically painful things I’ve ever had to watch. It made me want to cry from the pain.

Dryden Goodwins, Hold, 1996, is a film consisting of 24 individual frames of different people and shot frame by frame by super 8 camera. It went by too quickly for me. I want to see it again.

And then there was De Tuin (The Garden) Dan Geesin and Esther Rots, 1999. A slick and clever production using 2 single frames to create a brilliant effect of creating suspension and uncertainty. Not sure I want to see it again.



21.48 p.m

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