5 March 2010 08.17 a.m. Tower Bridge. My favourite bridge.

My favourite bridge in the world. 05-03-2010 08.17a.m
Friday morning saw me visit the chiropractor at 7.45 am in the City. It was painful to be there that early but once up I made the most of the couple of spare hours before the conference (Photofilm Stillness and Movement http://www.tate.org.uk/modern/eventseducation/film/photofilmseasonseries.htm) at Tate Modern. I wandered with my camera  (against the heaving tide of commuters walking towards me.) across London Bridge on this stunning sunny March morning and headed to Borough market for breakfast of coffee, bread and Jam at the very busy The Monmouth Coffee Company. http://www.monmouthcoffee.co.uk I really felt I was able to appreciate my wonderful city and felt like an invisible tourist. A pure treat.

View from Wobbly bridge 21.27 p.m
Conference was fascinating and I feel newly invigorated about my art work and film making. I realise that I’ve been making Photofilms all along. Hurray!
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