Spring is around the corner. Really. C’mon my apple blossom from Somerset is coming out…

10-03-10 12.38 p.m

My computer died completely yesterday as I was trying to upload these images.

Oh dear me no. Fuck…….Thankfully a brilliant woman in a shop called Londonmac (http://www.londonmac.com) brought my life back to life!…….Praise her.

Then it was “Shit.” now what do  I do? Ummm. ridiculous I know. I don’t have a telly so that isn’t an option. But I do have 2 books I’m reading. (slowly) One is about one of the first Russian film directors, Sergei Eisenstien (about so much has been said and written.) by Mike O’Mahony and it’s too dry and not inspiring as it should be.

Also I’m reading Death 24 x a Second, Stillness and the Moving Image by the inspirational Laura Mulvey, which takes me ages to read as I need to concentrate so hard. I’ve also been wanting to paint the kitchen floor again and paint my big table black and yellow.

10-03-10 19.31 p.m

So last night I did just that. A bit of reading, followed by half of the kitchen floor and an undercoat on the table.

This was lunch. Sausage and mash from the night before. The mash was actually crushed charlotte potatoes  boiled in their skins then mashed with sea salt flakes  and fresh milled black pepper. I don’t think I did this time, but a little butter or olive oil stirred through is good.

I reheated the left-overs in a baking dish with foil over and put it in a fairly hot oven (say about 200 C) for about half an hour. The sausages were piping and still moist and the mashed/crushed potatoes were crispy round the edges.

10-03-10 13.28 p.m

10-03-10 22.20 p.m

10-03-10 22.21 p.m                         10-03-10 22.21 p.m

10-03-10 19.00 p.m

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