Crushed Crab Cakes 11.13 am

What I had for lunch today Crushed crab cakes with a poached egg. They are a kind of squeakless, crab bubble and squeak! Think I’ll write a version of this for my Stella column (Cheat’s Dinner Party 25 April) using Jersey Royals.
As Jersey’s aren’t yet here for us to feel warm about, I used Charlotte potatoes as they’re good and waxy but with a floury texture too. What would be a good seasonal variety available now?
Recipe ……

So just boil waxy potatoes until tender.

Drain well, return to the dry pan and crush using a fork of lightly use a potato crusher.

Add some butter or a little E.V olive oil and salt and pepper.

Now tip in some white and brown crab meat. (See below) You need both here. The brown meat gives a lovely creamyness and helps it to bind.

For more binding, you need one whole egg and just one egg yolk. (Both help to bind but also helps enrichen to mix too.)

Chop some parsley and add to the mix and stir until well combined but don’t over mix it.

Heat some oil or butter in a non stick pan and add a couple of spoonfuls of the mix to the pan. Cook for a few minutes then turn over when it’s looking golden on one side. Cook for a few more minutes. Slide on plate.

I ate my first one just with Mayo. Todays breakfast had a runny poached egg. A/A.

Black pepper and lemon optional!

Of course there are many variations you could do for this and I’ve thought of a lovely veggie version which would be using really soft roasted aubergine (roasted with fennel seed) instead of the crab.

I had some crab in my freezer from a couple of weeks ago from a whole crab. I stripped it bare and froze it quickly as no time to eat it.
No whole crab? well not just on the merit of a brilliant name that I’m going to mention the Seafood and Eat It company, but that they good fresh sell brown and white crab meat. (Waitrose)
Just rang Steve Hatt in Islington, and it’s £5.90 for a dressed crab. Which they reckon is about 160-170g white and brown crab meat. This would be plenty to mix with about 1.2 kg potatoes. That sounds pretty reasonable. That’s the next best you’ll get to handpicking it yourself, which can’t be beaten. Fresh crab, freshly out of it’s shell wins hand’s up every time!

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