A Snowball in my keyboard

I dropped my digital camera here on my totally unforgiving concrete floor. It’s a gonner.
And, at the party someone poured a Snowball (Advocat) into my keyboard. Initially I laughed when I saw the little dimples on the keys were filled with bright yellow.

It’s fucked. Tim lent me the one I’m on at this moment. But It’s all good. I’m just transferring to a lap top anyway and hopefully I’m covered on insurance for the camera and I wanted to get another good camera anyway but couldn’t afford it. Also I’ve been meaning to use my beautiful old Leica I found. I bought 4 rolls of black and white film a few weeks ago. So last night, once I got over the shock of the digital camera, I took photos around the studio with the Leica which had a colour film in it……

Need to get a card reader……
Here’s a couple shots of the table……
I bought a couple of yellow bowls in Habitat……

I love the high gloss reflections……

I have gone to bed at 7.30 am two nights/days running. First Thursday night was Lu’s 30th birthday party and last night I went over to Tim and Tom’s Dubstep party, with the intention of only stopping an hour. I got there at midnight…….

Lovely quiet day listened to Jarvis Cocker’s podcast on 6music. (Jarvis Cockers Sunday Service 28 March 2010). Now I need to get on transferring my computer over. Why can’t things just work straight away from the moment when you open the box?
I’d rather be writing this……

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