Jasmine’s Rum Cake

Jasmine makes a mean Rum Cake. (Jasmine’s own quote on it is that, “It makes you sway.!”) It’s so moist. For me it’s like the pure pleasure you get from sucking on a real sponge in a hot bath. (well it’s good for me!)


It’s delicious, but I’m not sure I really like rum that much. I spent 5 weeks in Barbados, (it sounds glamourous, but it was not.) and there I loved it. Mount Gay and coke. Lots of ice. Outside. It was hot. By the sea……Yes then I loved it. But I’ve tried to drink it at the last two parties I’ve been to and nope, it doesn’t do it for me. Maybe I should try and make a gin cake. Gin and orange cake?…..


Anyway I gobbled up my slice from Lou’s Easter party while watching The Wind Will Carry Us. Such a treat for me to have a lap top now as I can now watch DVD’s in bed. Last night was my very first one and such a beautiful film from one of my favourite directors, Abbas Kirostami.

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