The Aroma Diner

The Aroma diner is a multi-disciplinary project combining art, design, science and architecture in order to create an immersive environment of sensory pleasures. The concept involves hosting a four course meal in the project space, to be enjoyed purely through smell and smell alone.

On 16th April 2010, a group of young artists are set to stage a fascinating, experiential event as part of the Raw Canvas Twenty For Harper Road series. Inspired by society’s bizarre and increasingly unbalanced relationship with food today, 24 Harper Road, will become home to a brand new and totally original dining experience:  The Aroma Diner.

Extract from

Cousin Sam and I went along to this intriguing project. We were indeed seated in a foggy, makeshift dining room in a disused shop in Southwark. The appropriate sound track was selected for our starter course, (see below) and we were served a sealed pot of ‘amuse-nez.’

It was a little confusing as to what we were smelling as the fog, (the aromas were pumped into the room via a smoke machine) became our starter and the jar contained yet another, sweet smelling delight.(the ‘amuse-nez’) Everything got a little mixed up. Later we were given a balloon to inhale (is this legal!) filled with a refreshing (mint) ‘Odour Cleansing Surprise.” Brilliant!

It was a lot of fun though and we were encouraged to decifer each smell. We were also given a set of dinner conversation questions which made it all the more thought provoking…..Post to follow with these…..

Scratch and sniff painting folowed…..

Part of the inspiration for Anisha Jogani (co curator) for the project came from a bizarre diet aid…..

“A barbaric new ‘diet’ called the ‘pattern interrupter’ has recently been devised by a Californian plastic surgeon. It involves sewing a piece of polythene into ones tongue making it too painful to eat. Meanwhile, our food suppliers are so dependent on the oil industry that if the chain was cut off, we would be thrown into a food crisis. Detachment from production systems and culinary experience is increasing every day.”

Solution The Aroma- dining experience. For one night only

Friday 16 April 2010 17.00-21.00hrs.

The diner seats 4 customers at any one sitting.
17.00-17.40 Starter is served
Once you are seated you will be served a pot of ‘amuse-nez’
The starter is a whiff of a fresh herby spinach and nutmeg soup steamed with garlic and onions and topped with flakes of parma ham.

Sound track
The Duke of Uke – Anarchy in the Uk
Fry & Laurie – Aroma Music/Corduroy – Electric Soup
Lynrd Skynrd – That Smell
Dead Kennedy’s – Soup is Good Food

18.00-18.40 Fish Course
The fish course is reminiscent of a fish and seaweed broth, topped with lemongrass, ginger and coriander.

Sound track
Mr Scruff – Fish
Eric Carmen – Hungry Eyes
Southpark/Kanye West – Gay Fish

19.00-19.40 Main Course
The main scent is a scent of a spiced Krean Barbequed pork stew with fried bay leaves.

Sound track
Nouvelle Vague – Guns of Brixton
Paul Anka -Feels Like Teen Spirit
UB40 – Red Red Wine Champion
Jack Dupree  – Chicken Shack

20.00-20.40 Just Dessert
A puff of a coconut and lemon sorbet topped with a star anise syrup
Sound track
Patti Smith – Smells like Teen Spirit
Booka Shade – Body Language (Senor Coconut Remix)
The Beatles – Strawberry Fields
Coldcut – Revolution

Sound tracks – compiled by Dan Graham

Time Out Listing

These master pieces and photos by Annie Nichols and Sam Stone.

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