It’s been a long time, been a long, long time.

I know I’ve been a little quiet but that’s how it is sometimes…….Here’s a recap of my last week or so…….

My favourite month of the year. A month screaming green. Trees and plants bursting their sides. A lush, green and pleasant land. Even if  as I tap this,  the rain is hitting my windows like the clatter of dominoes and in a few days time we head off the polls to put our wish list of a government into power, we do need both and lets hope that it will mean the land will be even more lush because of it.

Asparagus and Jersey Royals are here and peas and young broad beans to come soon. Yipee!

May 1st saw Claire open Violet at 47 Wilton Way E8.Violet Cakes She knows that one of my favourite cakes ever is her Molasses and Ginger Cake……

I was behind the scenes of a music video being made over at Tim’s studio on Friday night….Rapper and MC star, Jehst performed in a darkened room with a swinging light bulb… this space for the full video.

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