Arty dinner. I’m going on 2nd June. Who’s coming with me?

a summer show – food, art, performance

2nd, 3rd, 4th, 9th, 10th, 11th June
Trolley Gallery
73a Redchurch Street,
E2 7DJ.

Trolley Gallery is pleased to invite you to its forthcoming summer group show. Entitled ‘ManiFesten’, the gallery will be offering an unusual approach to the summer show format, as over a six day period, artists will innovatively respond to the theme of food and eating in the gallery, creating an entirely artist-created dinner for 12 guests, with a programme of outside public performance on the roof of nearby locations.

a summer show – food, art, performance The title ‘ManiFesten’ incorporates the shared and common theme by the artists in their work of exploring ideas of food, eating and public performance. ManiFesten explores the roles that artists have played both artistically and socially in food and dining, from Rothko’s commission for the Seagram Restaurant, New York to the Futurist Cookbook by Marinetti and the YBAs patronage of St John’s restaurant in London.

Trolley Gallery will be transformed into an interactive installation by artist and set designer Robert Storey. Each night 12 members of the public will buy tickets to dine in a site-specific sculptural construction, incorporating the traditional role of chairs around a central dining table, but playing with ideas of scale and the role of encounter and the unexpected. Storey’s work utilizes found materials such as reclaimed wood and household objects such as ladders, to create surreal constructions that can subvert the original, intended or expected use. His work is inspired by artists such as Christoph Büchel, who engages with the viewer by inviting them to partake in an unexpected encounter with the work.For ManiFesten he will create 12 individual chairs that will lift the sitter towards the roof of the gallery, before lowering the ceiling to reveal the table around them as they sit. There will be communication to the servers below via various found bells and buzzers, which will indicate wine, water, the need to go to the toilet or leave the table.

Each unique event will commence at 7pm with a performance outside the gallery, which will be open to the public. The programme has been curated by artist Ian Giles, and will include performances by an exciting selection of up and coming artists in this field: Awst and Walther, littlewhitehead, Tessa Lynch, Edward Fornieles, Eloise Fornieles and Kate Hawkins, as well as Giles himself.

The concept of the menu has been created by artist Caroline Hobkinson, who runs gastronomic art tours of the area surrounding the gallery’s location in Shoreditch. Hobkinson has recently created art food concepts for, among others, the Barbican. For ManiFesten she has explored the idea of the Land of Cockaigne, the legendary country of bountiful food and drink described in medieval tales and depicted in the work of Flemish artist Peter Breugel. With the focus on a feast, both visually and gastronomically, the artist has created a three course menu, that will be presented in relation to the theme of unexpected fantasy and inverted proportion of Storey’s sculpture. It will be formulated from the best and most delicious ingredients for, as it is in Cockaigne, the food is plentiful, the ‘skies rain with cheeses’ and ‘cooked fish jump out of the water and land at one’s feet’. Starting with St John’s bread rolls, numbered and suspended in front of the diners, later a whole oven-baked halibut stuffed with little tiny fish and vegetables will be raised into the centre, and lastly, a giant Tim and Sue, a tiramisu in honour of artists Noble and Webster, who are based nearby.

Guests will have the opportunity to take home a limited edition napkin by Boo Saville, Henry Hudson, Ian Giles, Rachael Haines and Bianca Francine Cork. Rachael Haines will also install in the gallery a gaffer tape kitchen area that guest can walk through. The intention of ManiFesten is to engage guests with an original experience involving artists and food re-located to the gallery environment, and outdoors public performance. (In case of bad weather the performances will take place in the newly opened Aubin Gallery, opposite Trolley Gallery.)

ManiFesten is itself an edition of 6 nights, with tickets only available in advance direct from the gallery. Tickets cost GBP50 per person, with a limited amount of seats of 12 people per night over six nights. The edition of ManiFesten is 72. GBP69 includes a limited edition napkin from the night. Please indicate which ticket you would like when booking. To book a ticket please visit Trolley’s website here

open to everyone, please meet at Trolley Gallery for directions, no tickets required:
Awst & Walther – Out Of Line
A durational performance that has as its components time, the audience, spoken word and a ball of string.

JUNE 3 – PART OF FIRST THURSDAYS, gallery will also be open to view dinner
littlewhitehead – A ticket for a ticket
An irreverent examination of where a performace begins and ends.

Tessa Lynch – Revolving doors relaxed
A water pouring and smoke blowing performance, A homage to Francis Picabia’s 1924 ballet Rel�che.

Ian Giles – Listen With Your Eyes – We’ll Show You With Our Bodies
A dance lecture exploring how words look when performed by the body.

Eloise Fornieles and Kate Hawkins – Score of Promises
Eloise & Kate will become instruments of rhetoric: they will play each other.

Edward Fornieles – Attack on Bunker Hill
Beware the changing beat of the military drum, as smoke descends you must choose to flee or fight.

Artist talk
Nina Gehl – artist talk

Wednesday 26th May
Trolley Gallery

Exhibition ends Saturday 29th May

Please join us for an artist talk in the gallery, where to mark the end of her second solo show with Trolley, Nina Gehl will be in conversation with fellow artist Frederick James discussing her work, and in particular the new series of ‘ash’ paintings and portraits presented here. Created through grinding burnt wood, and sifting the different grades and colours of ash, before mixing with oil to paint, she has created a sombre, and intriguing palette, that reflects the faded photographic existence of many of her subjects.

Henry Hudson 20 Hoxton Henry Hudson

Private ViewThursday 3rd June
Exhibition continues 4th June – 26th June

20 Hoxton Square Projects
N1 6NT

Trolley Gallery are pleased to invite you to the forthcoming solo show by Henry Hudson in collaboration with 20 Hoxton Square Projects. ‘Crapula,’ meaning “sickness or indisposition caused by excessive eating or drinking”, is derived from the Latin and Ancient Greek meanings for intoxication or hangover. Hudson will present new large-scale plasticine paintings, that continue his exploration of the influence of William Hogarth on his work, and extend it to include self-portraiture as well as new sculptural work.

divider Please contact us on
+44 (0)20 7729 6591
Trolley Gallery, 73a Redchurch Street,
London. E2 7DJ
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