Manifesten Trolley Gallery

Just got in from a brilliant art/food event. We ate dinner sitting on an amazing installation, consisting of step ladders and eating up in the ceiling!

When I came in last night I felt I just had to tell someone what an amazing night I had, had. I’ve been thinking about it all today. I had dinner with 11 other people sitting on top of step ladders and very high stools, so we were close to the ceiling. The table was lowered from just over our heads.
Brilliant. The artists were there, one of which Caroline (Hobkinson) who cooked the beautiful food and made giant forks for us to eat with. (I gave up with mine and used my hands.)
We had gorgeous Prosciutto or Serrano, not sure which, but the whole leg was carved in fine slivers and handed round. (by the gallery owner standing on another step ladder.) It had a dryish texture which made it even better.

Then Caroline had cooked a whole halibut, on a bed of sardines, samphire and baby tomatoes. The flavour was almost vanilla but savoury.

and…..warm asparagus was hoisted up to us on pulleys…..

Dessert was tiramisu (Timandsue) stencilled with the letters, Tim and Sue as a homage to the artists Tim and Sue Webster.

A negroni type cocktail with a garnish of rosemary sprigs, speared with glace cherrries……wine….a bonkers group of individuals…..beautifully made wooden structures……delicious people and just the food I want to eat.

Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!

Oh yes and the conceptual side of it hasn’t sunk in yet.

My jealousy for not being able to be there tonight is huge.

Oh yea and tiny sweetened cream filled little meringues hanging from black balloons………….

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