Broad Beans

Now when I was a kid, I hated 3 things. Sprouts, carrots and broad beans. I swear my mum would put them on to cook the day before. On the whole my mum was a brilliant cook, self taught, with little confidence, she produced food, for us 5 kids and my dad, that to this day I would die for. But sprouts, carrots and broad beans, they were always well cooked ……for a while…………..Now, I love broad beans, but they have to be either young, (so very small) eaten raw, (try as the Italians with some pecorino a long side.) and lightly cooked, (or frozen and defrosted, as they are frozen when young) then popped out of their skins.

In the centre of a young broad bean it is bright green, soft and faintly nutty. Never, ever to compare with the bitter, tough and grey military uniform that the cooked broad beans wore in my childhood. You can also substitute soya beans, (that you can often get frozen at the supermarket.) that you just sprinkle in and heat long enough to defrost and heat through. Try this yummy Broad Bean Puree to have as a dip….

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2 Responses to Broad Beans

  1. Emma Rea says:

    Yay Annie. Long live the broad bean! Seriously overlooked but always welcome here x

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