Dulce di leche….

As an added little note to the post below, and because I’ve just had 3 dripping teaspoonfuls of the stuff, I’d like to admit that I have discovered a new dirty pleasure. Like a posh, boil in the can of condensed milk, but better. It’s the new (I’m assuming as  I’m sure I would’ve sniffed it out before…) Bonne Maman Confiture de Caramel. (Which reads with a French accent.) It really is too dangerously good. (and comes in a brilliantly designed classic jar.) I’m addicted and once this jar is finished, I’ll never buy it again.

If you have friends with a sweet tooth, watch their face when you let them taste it. My friend Jonnys eyes popped out on  antennae!

1/2 tub haggendaz dulce di leche icecream and homemade gingerbread was dinner tonight. I’m not gonna lose weight that way am I ? I didn’t actually eat them together, (as I had already scoffed the icecream before finding the gingerbread.) but I can imagine that might be a nice thing to do…….

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