Wild Rocket and Parsley Graffitti

Along the canal by the Bow Flyover, Petra suddenly said, “Is that parsley?” and sure enough growing along the bottom of the wall were plants of very healthy curly parsley. Amongst this there was also rocket and little strawberry plants growing. Who?

As we had walked a long the tow path we had passed stencils in black on the path stating “Wild Rocket” (with a little illustration of it.) and “Brambel” (and that too had an illustration, of a bramble.)

I’ve just done a lazy search on Google and no joy. Anyone?

Try this delicious parsley soup…..

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4 Responses to Wild Rocket and Parsley Graffitti

  1. Sophie Squirrel says:

    What a great way of drawing people’s attention to the green goodies along a path! Looks good too.xxx

  2. Yea. It was odd. I hadn’t really questioned the stencilling along the path. But really lush healthy curly parsley?!…..Just there?….. Nanny used to grow it really well. None of us could. So strange to see it there, all green and bursting! X

  3. Jules Redmond says:

    Isn’t it great to think that a soul like your Nan may have planted the seeds and they have thrived!!
    Whether we look up or down, there is so much to really obsewrve and every day brings new surprises!1

    Your blog is a joyous new surprise, Annie, especially on this wet first day of October , my day off and \i can’t get in the garden – but I can always dream!!!

    EnJOY it, Annie. Especially the colours of food – they can heal any dullness and make everything seem brighter, inside your soul and outside your body!!!

    love julesxxxx

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