Butteries – Made these today.






What are they like? – They’re like biting into all the crunchy, best bits of a croissant in every bite.

When I was making them last night, I left the dough rising over night. (It’s October and pretty cool in the studio.) Not intentionally, of course, but because I went to bed whilst the dough was rising, (intending to get up after an hour and finish and bake them to reheat this morning…) and woke up this morning, fully clothed with the lights on. The dough didn’t seem to suffer because of it. You don’t need to do this. An hour or so will suffice.

Butteries……These are a version of a Sue Lawrence recipe for Butteries………this version, (as I had neither suet or strong white flour)………lets call them……..Spelt Butteries or some such.

They are amazing, but delicious because of lard and fat, so a bit too good. Sooooo.. I would suggest making them, just once in a while!

Anyhow, great as an alternative to croissants…….perfect for brunch….easy….. …impressive……..and did I say that they are really simple to make and don’t take forever……….So here’s the recipe ……and what I forgot to tell you….

I had some spelt flour to use, but I’m sure if you just used plain white flour, that would be good too.

500 g plain white flour or 300 g spelt flour and 200 g plain
200 g plain flour
300 ml tepid water
20 g granulated sugar
1 tablespoon dried yeast
175 g lard, softened
150 g unsalted butter, softened, (There is quite a lot of salt in them, so make sure you use only unsalted butter.)
10 g sea salt flakes
50 g plain flour

Place the spelt flour and 150 g of the plain flour in a large bowl with a pinch of salt.

Mix the water with sugar and yeast and mix into the flours. Knead for 10 minutes. This makes a really soft dough, use lots of flour to stop it sticking when rolling out.

Drizzle a little olive oil in the bottom of a bowl and add the dough and turn over until covered. Cover bowl and leave in warm place for about an hour until doubled in size.

In another bowl beat together the lard, butter and salt with the remaining flour.

Knock the dough back and roll out to a large rectangle and spread evenly with 1/3 of the lard and butter mix. Fold one 1/3 over then cover with the remaining 1/3 of dough. Repeat this process twice more, using up all the mixture.

Cut the dough into 16 pieces and place on a couple of baking trays, (not too close together.) and leave to rise for about 30 minutes.

Bake in a preheated oven 200 C for about 15-20 minutes or until crisp and golden. Serve warm.

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