Mojitos, Flossy, Fried Chicken and Reggae

Last night Flossy turned up from Brixton with still warm, Curry Goat, Rice and Peas, dumpling, fried banana and my fav as she knows, fried chicken and ingredients for Mojitos…….we ate, made cocktails, had a catch up, then wandered over to Tim and Tom’s Reggae/Dubstep party to catch up on our dancing……..

Flossy and Annie’s Mojitos

Lots of limes, cut into wedges
lots of fresh mint
icing sugar to taste
Good glugs of white rum
Lots of ice
Soda water
Few thrusts of Angostura Bitters

In a jug or large glass muddle, (crush well) using the end of a rolling pin, lime wedges, mint leaves and sugar.

Stir in rum.

Add lots of ice.


Top up with lots of soda.

Add Angostura bitters.


Stir again and rub a lime wedge round rim of glass…….Sip as soon as you can.

For my fried chicken…….here’s the recipe

We got home at 5 am…..ate the Curry Goat with my leftover barley risotto and sweet chilli sauce. Perfect……

This morning…..obligatory hangover……..2 egg and bacon baguettes and a Lucozade……..fixed……

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One Response to Mojitos, Flossy, Fried Chicken and Reggae

  1. flossy bee says:

    what a great evening. the mojitos got a bit stronger as the night went on. I’ve spent the day in the arms of my tired boy recovering and watching films. unfortunately the quality of my dietry intake has gone down somewhat and we got king tubbies to deliver a pizza! love you Missis Annie x

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