Desert Island Dishes

I’m reposting this again…….

So your 8 desert island dishes would be?

Tricky isn’t it?
….to remind you of the concept…for Desert Island Discs you choose 8 tracks, you have a copy of the bible and complete works of Shakespeare. A book of choice and a luxury……and for Desert Island Dishes……..

What would your eight Desert Island Dishes be?

What would be your one dirty food, guilty pleasure be? (It’s probably one of your Desert Island Dishes.)

What works of culinary knowledge would you like to be your companion?

What would be your one cookbook of choice?

What would be your luxury?

…..and if you had to pick only one of those dishes over all others, what would it be and why?

Don’t fret about it too much…Here’s mine below, but they, like my musical choices often vary slightly, depending on my mood. So today my Desert Island Dishes are…..

Lobster and red mullet in Pierot, Sicily
Yukis black sesame aubergine
Stewed blackcurrants with homemade Panniccias icecream.
Mums roast chicken.
Cote de Boeuf at Engalin
Spaghetti con vongole, Vittorio’s Sicily
Sausage, mash and ketchup at home.
Wonton Soup (No noodles) from Vietnamese canteen.
Dirty guilty pleasure – Fried chicken from almost anywhere

On food and cooking from Harold Mcgee
Complete works of Claudia Roden.
Cookbook of choice would be Jane Grigson’s Fish book

Today I’ll pick the stewed black currants and Pannicia’s ice cream over all others. Because, black currants are so British, so seasonal and with icecream, my absolute favourite pudding as a kid. Sadly the company, owned by the Italian family Pannicia’s in Frome, (Somerset.) doesn’t exist any more. For years though it was a treasure of Frome. The icecream was not of the highest quality, but bought fresh and soft straight from the van, (that went round all the villages every sunday lunchtime.) with freshly stewed, (very slightly warm.) blackcurrants, I was in heaven.

My luxury would have to be unlimited pens and paper.

……Desert Island Disc of today too….Police and Thieves by The Clash

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6 Responses to Desert Island Dishes

  1. Here’s the 9 comments I had to transfer manually from the previous post………

    Nick said…
    Oxtail Stew, De Volksumbuis, Stellenbosch
    Mum’s spam fritters and mash
    Fish and chips, Filey seafront
    Sea trout with lime-anchovy butter
    Christmas roast goose
    Tarte tatin, Le Manoir Aux Quat’ Saisons
    Fresh buttered corn-on-the-cob
    Pho, Hanoi

    Hot Sour Salty Sweet – Jeffrey Alford & Naomi Duguid
    Falling Cloudberries – Tessa Kiros
    The Best of Floyd – Keith Floyd

    Well stocked wine cellar

    5 APRIL 2010 21:16
    Annie Nichols said…
    …..and if you had to pick one dish above all others? and why?

    6 APRIL 2010 19:36
    Nick said…
    Very tricky, but I think it would have to be good old fish and chips, as it’s the food I crave the most if I don’t have it for a few weeks.

    7 APRIL 2010 19:45
    Annie Nichols said…
    Yea I’ve been thinking about this. Yesterday I really craved sausage and mash. (one of my desert island dishes) Pure comfort food. Today blackcurrants and icecream.

    I’m really interested in what seduces us, our desires, what we crave, addiction and what if anything satiates us and for how long. Not just in food.

    8 APRIL 2010 17:53
    karen Thomas said…
    Huevos rancheros made by my wife on a sunday morning (…make that afternoon)
    Hunanese ribs (that make your lips tingle), Di Shui Dong, Shanghai
    Tacos, Via Melon, Mexico City
    My Dad’s turkey, stuffing and apple sauce butties on Christmas day (yes I know the apple sauce is controversial)
    Aubergine and beef tamarind curry, The asian collection by Oona Van Den Berg published by Hamlyn
    Plate of cheeses, oatcakes and membrillo accompanied by a good Rioja.
    King prawns with garlic and plenty of chilli cooked at home.
    A pub roast beef with lots and lots of horseradish sauce.

    Darina Allen’s Ballymaloe Cookery Course
    Complete works of Elizabeth David
    My luxury would be my camera (can it come with memory cards, charger and laptop?)
    Without a doubt huevos rancheros with my wife there to cook it and eat it with me.

    2 MAY 2010 22:03
    R said…
    My biggest nightmare would be to end up on a desert island because I would have to eat fish.

    4 MAY 2010 21:09
    Annie Nichols said…
    Not necessarily. This is obviously a very special desert island so you can have 8 special choices. Think pleasure not pain!

    5 MAY 2010 13:31
    Annie Nichols said…
    and Karen……Can I also have huevos rancheros cooked by you wife!….and not sure how strict we need to be about the luxuries…….

    5 MAY 2010 18:38
    Colin said…
    Here is my list… before I change my mind.
    Not that I ever want to be stuck on a desert island…

    – Crab Linguine

    – A board with Iberico ham and cured meats, a killer goat’s cheese, a munster, a pecorino, sun dried tomatoes and anchovies, with endless supply of Barolo

    – Lobster with sherry and cocoa from Rollinger ( failing that just a nice boiled lobster, with herb sauce, and battered courgette flowers)

    – Chestnut, chili and roasted tomatoes soup with a plate of juicy garlic prawns (like the ones you get on the harbour in Vigo)

    – a good steak. Either in Florence with lemon spinach, or 5 weeks hung longhorn from Hawksmoor in Spitalfields.

    – A take-me-to-the-other-side szichuanese hot pot, that doesn’t burn but makes you radiate chili heat in a semi-hallucinogenic experience.

    – Sushi from Tsukiji, or unagi, or slowly roasted skewers from the the conical hot coal things they have in Japan. (is that cheating?)

    – Roast Kid with baby artichokes and little roast potatoes

    Am I allowed desert? A bottomless wine cellar?

    I don’t have that many cookbooks, so I will be extremely boring and say the Larousse…

    Luxury is a get-out-of-desert-island-anytime-I-want card. especially since I forgot to include anything with truffles on it…

    And today I feel like the chestnut soup and prawns. I am still full of this morning’s croissants and it’s a dull, grey, and rainy day which could with comfort yet sunny tastebuds.

    14 MAY 2010 00:13

    • From 7 May 2010…..
      …Anonymous said…
      Hear yea! Here yea!
      I propose an experiment with BATTER. And CHIPS. BATTERED CHIPS. CHIPS IN BATTER. Twotever.
      Now, my favorite elements of the traditional ‘Fish and Chip’ supper have to be a tasty thick batter, and a soggy, yet crispy edged chip.
      I like to peel off the batter from the fish, put it to one side whilst I scoff the little fishykins down, then carefully portion out said batter between a selected group of handsome looking chipped potatoes. Each chip is wrapped as best as it can be in the batter and gobbled down by ME. Deeeeelicious.
      Unfortunately, this whole process can be tainted. When all you want is a ‘carb-hit’ on a friday night, cant scrape together enough change lurking around your wallet, nor want such a large amount of food (lets face it, you cant share with someone -stealing all the batter and best chips doesnt really go down well), a whole order of fish’n’chips is too much.
      So I propose a new item on the menu. We’ve all seen a battered sausage. And burgers come to that. Some say ‘up north’ there is such a thing as a BAG OF SCRAPS. Surely a cone of battered chips is just the next step?

      7 MAY 2010 14:19
      Annie Nichols said…
      Anon (I hope you don’t mind me calling you that.)

      First and foremost, I enjoyed the details of your eating habits and wonder, when eating an egg, do you leave a little of the yolk to go with your last bite? (Tricky with boiled I know) I tend to leave the best bit of a meal til last.

      Secondly, not wanting to boast on my own eating skills, but I can usually polish off a whole fish and chips on my own, with bread and butter and a lie down after normally…I don’t share.

      Yes, now to your battered chip proposition. Would you like to be involved in this experiment on some level?

      In Somerset we called those bits of batter from Chippies, Scrumps. It fits really.

      I really want a cone of battered chips now. With mayo please.

      7 MAY 2010 14:58

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