Tête de Moine (Monks Head cheese) and Girolles

I bought one of these Girolles when I worked in Switzerland years ago. Basically a cheese called Tête de Moine, (Monks Head) is speared to a stand and then a handle, with a blade attached, is drawn around  that shaves the top of the cheese (All a little bit creepy if you ask me.) to create cheesy curls like Girolle mushrooms or carnation ruffles.

Anyway my memory of the cheese was nutty and strong reminiscent of one of my other favourite Swiss cheeses, Gruyere. Apparently shaving the cheese this way improves it’s flavour and I also remember that it’s especially good fairly cold. We used a Girolle for the breakfast buffet and after dinner for the cheese board. in the hotel I worked in.

I had always thought to this day that it was some kind of ancient gadget, (Tête de Moine dates from about 1292) but the Girolle was, as I’ve only just discovered, invented in 1982 and is a patented product.

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4 Responses to Tête de Moine (Monks Head cheese) and Girolles

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  4. Luis Peraza says:

    Any one has information about where to buyhe cheese and the Girolle?

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