Mushrooms, Barley and Lentils…..needs sausages

I had this for dinner last night. Thinking since,  what it needed was sausages and being I have been up all night working on stuff, I caught a Twitter feed from markymarket who delivers from Smithfield and Billingsgate markets on alternate days. Just finding out if he can come to me, and if he does, I will have some pheasant and parsley sausages to go with my stew. I’ll let you know…..Just got message from markymarket that he can deliver 1.5 kg of pheasant and parsley sausages on Friday when he goes back to market, for £15. Would be very rude not to. Sausages anyone?! See Marky Market post above…..

The pheasant sausages were a winner. (be careful though as a piece of shot was found in one.) Dense and meaty and lightly spiced. Good. Very good. Had them with some of the leftover mushroom, barley and lentils as hoped for. Would be great with a vegetable mash like parsnip, sweet potato or cauliflower…..

A tablespoon of sherry or red wine vinegar would’ve been nice stirred in too.

I had sour cream for the top. Try stirring in a little grated horseradish, smidge of harrissa Wish I had an egg. A a poached egg on top would be good and gooey too…….

Feel like a yoghurt weaver, but I just toasted some pumpkin seeds in a pan and scattered them over. Surprisingly gorgeous….

Oh yea and look I’ve missed off the stock. You’ll need 1 1/2 litres of stock. Don’t panic, if you’ve got a cube or some such, then use that with boiling water You can of course use vegetable (leave out the bacon and make it veggie.) or chicken stock. I used the rabbit stock that’s been in the freezer for a bit. (From Rabbit and Fennel Stew.)

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2 Responses to Mushrooms, Barley and Lentils…..needs sausages

  1. Glyn Fussell says:

    YUM!!!!! Lentils are the future..Parpppp!!

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