Pomegranate – How to remove seeds from and juice a pomegranate…..

How to remove seeds from a pomegranate…..First carefully score round sculp of pomegranate and remove a little lid…..

I adore pomegranates. In winter I used to eat a pomegranate, (bought at the bus station.) on the 12 mile bus journey from catering college in Bath, blissfully picking out the seeds one by one. I don’t remember spearing myself with the pin or even making much mess, except slightly sticky fingers. I never ate them any other way. Juice? Now that would have seemed plain weird.

But now……I’m reposting this as I’ve just found the easiest way to remove the juice from a pomegranate…..Oh….course….. Silly me. They need to be quite ripe though……..Cut the pomegranate in half, squeeze on the lemon juicer and rotate and squeeze as normal, then strain……or …….or……Use one of these fairly cheap little juicers.

It’s just a little electric juicer that squeezes out the juice by alternately rotating when you press cut fruit on the squeezer, into the jug below. Strain. Worked a treat.

See Juice posted above.

Here is a good, clear instructive video for removing the seeds.

Try this video that shows you how to remove the pomegranate seeds under water with the man who claims to have invented this method!

How to make fresh pomegranate juice using a food processor or blender…..Remove the seeds from the pomegranate as above, making sure that all of the (very bitter.) white pith is removed. Place the seeds in the bowl of a food processor or blender with a little water and whizz to remove the flesh from the seeds. (be careful not to chop the seeds up too much.) Strain through a fine sieve, pushing the seeds with the back of a spoon to get all the juice.


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3 Responses to Pomegranate – How to remove seeds from and juice a pomegranate…..

  1. Marcus says:

    Option one looks more successful and easier! What a clever man!

    It looks like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange!!!

  2. Isn’t he clever!! And yes that is exactly what I thought when I tried his method!!

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