Part of me wants to keep MarkyMarket as my personal delivery man. But he won’t make any money by delivering to just me.  He’s doing small deliveries all over london from Smithfield and Billingsgate. It’s a brilliant idea. He’s starting small with a cool box, and will deliver anywhere in London. I’m getting 1.5 kg of Pheasant sausages delivered to me tomorrow for £15. He’d obviously prefer to get you to get more or share an order. Today on Twitter he had this to say…..I’ve got a customer who wants half a whole ribeye. They’re coming in at around 2.5kgs, so does anyone else fancy about 1.25kgs of A1 steak?….Food stylists?…..this would be brilliant wouldn’t it?

Ok he turned up as promised with the said sausages (see post below) and cousin Sam took some of that ribeye off him….. He had a cool box, trolley and sweaty brow and when I asked how he got to me in Hackney Wick he said on foot! Yes Mark delivers all over London, using buses and tubes!! Brilliant! Anyone who’s that dedicated to deliver to me out here deserves a massive round of applause! Use him!

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