Pomegranate and Orange Juice

I was looking for the easiest way to seed and juice a pomegranate. It’s so much easier than I lazily thought….I love pomegranate yet I always think they are a bit of a faff to peel properly….Sometimes I have patience for somethings and sometimes I have patience for others….. The best way was using just a normal lemon squeezer or one of these little electric juicers. Anyhow, I’m now hooked on fresh pomegranate juice. Uh oh…

……..Meantime made myself  this little juicy number… 3 oranges, (1 large, 1 medium and 1 small) and 1 pomegranate……….Cut them all in half, squeeze out the juice and strain…..Your gums and taste buds will pucker up tightly and happily together……Damn good…..
Going to make it with clementines or satsumas next time….
This method easier if the pomegranates are quite ripe….

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3 Responses to Pomegranate and Orange Juice

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  2. Babygirl says:

    I never thought about pairing both together.. nice. Happy Thanksgiving

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