My AnOther Magazine video blog….

All change, I’ll be making 3 short videos for a video blog for AnOther magazine. It’s snippets of what’s been happening recently including the exciting news that I have been asked by AnOther to curate a show of cakes. Yes really.

Ten cakes to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the magazine. Ten cakes designed by ten of the worlds top fashion house’s and made by ten of the top chef’s and food artists.

I have the absolutely brilliant position of finding the cake makers and bringing them together with the designers to create a cake dream. I’m so honoured to meet such a group of amazingly talented, creative and enthusiastic people. It’s tough I know.

Sugar pulling, sugar blowing, pastillage, Sea- buckthorn, lasers, cake! chocolate, mixing, stirring, pouring, sticking,  and lickable.

I am documenting the whole process of the project, taking stills and moving image. I’ll post it when it’s up on the Another’s site…..the first one will be up 26th January…..meanwhile I’m also shooting the photographs for my book Hot Meals Now…….

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