A little Gypsy girl’s princess castle wedding cake

I love this too! A little gypsy girls dream……What got me about a My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, was the fact that the wedding for the gypsy girl is the one an only chance to make a statement in life and be the centre of attention. Just for one day. This really saddened me but also I loved the bonkers spirit they had for pushing it, to the limits.

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5 Responses to A little Gypsy girl’s princess castle wedding cake

  1. gina says:

    hi im re newing my wedding vows next yer and its going to be 10year and like jypsy wedding and all i whant is a big cheep lovely cake so wonder ing how much this one is it lovely gina xx thanks

  2. Hello Gina!

    Congratulations!! But I’m afraid I don’t make wedding cakes. This one is from the telly. It was made by Sharon Johnson. Click on the link above.

    I really hope you get a really, really lovely cake.
    Warmest wishes

  3. Hey thought i’d help out here. This cake and all surrounding cakes would cost over £3000! x

  4. Thank you!! Samantha!! I had no idea. Even though (as was explained in the tv programme) it’s only the main cake that is real and the surrounding cakes are polystyrene! xxx

  5. yvette says:

    this cake and all the parts/backdrops would cost £2500 x

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