AnOther Magazine’s Birthday cakes…..7 have been unveiled…..3 more beauties to come…

Here’s the show of cakes I curated with Jefferson Hack at Selfridges. With the main launch party tomorrow night there are 7 stunning cake creations in place…. Have a look…

Tira misu (pick me up!!) Gucci luggage (to size) by Andrew Stellitano. I watched Andrew spray this beauty with chocolate. If Gucci was a tira misu, then this is what it would look like.

Paul Wayne Gregory’s amazing chocolate cube for Gareth Pugh, dusted with powdered edible silver leaf. Paul feels he would like to make it again. I think it’s perfect and absolutely stunning just the way it is.

Julie Walsh from the Cordon Bleu cookery school created this amazing structural creature for Philip Treacy, from blown sugar, (like glass would be) and pulled sugar that creates wafer like ribbon. She finished it off in store, by adding the separate components and using heated lamps and blow torches to soften the sugar. A dying art.

An army of people helped to create this installation for Calvin Klein. Luke Abby and his team created and built the structure and Brett and his team cooked up about, we reckon, 1000 pink marshmallows and then part covered them in silver leaf. They were then threaded and suspended on to little perspex swings.

German Born Peggy Porschen was thrilled she could make this cake esp. as she remembers with wide eyes, Karl Lagerfeld on a flight when she worked as a steward for Lufthansa. She’s really nervous to meet him.

Caroline Hobkinson was really worried that I wouldn’t like what she had done. How could I not love this? This is Caroline’s stunner for Missoni.

Fabien Ecuvillon at Mark Hix made this for Vivienne Westwood. Beneath that astonishing chocolate glaze lies a chocolate cake, layered with a bright orange jelly made of the fruit of Sea – buck thorn. A  thorny plant that grows on the south of England. I bet this cake tastes absolutely gorgeous.

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