Pete’s Desert Island Dish

Following on from  my posts Desert Island Dishes and then this subseqent comment from Pete. What would be your one meal if you had to choose?…… How and why?…….Would your last meal be different?……..and your one cook book would be?……..

Today, mine would be my mum’s roast chicken. Hot from the oven, it has been basted with an unknown dripping from the back of the fridge….Crispy, juicy hot skin to be pulled from the carcass, roast potatoes, broccoli, peas, bisto gravy…..

“my desert island dish.” by Pete. See Desert Island Dishes comments

……..Where should I get these from in London? and what should I do with them?

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2 Responses to Pete’s Desert Island Dish

  1. pete says:

    Dont know, maybe Camisa or Lina stores.

    what you need is…
    Olive oil,
    vinegar the kind that puts hairs on your chest no namby balsamic
    cracked green Sicilian olives
    dried oregano

    take little hairy fish out of tin
    place in a dish cover in olive oil dash of vinegar sprinkle oregano throw in some olives.
    cover dish with a sauce pan lid and leave on the side till hungry.

    serve with lots of bread and nero d’avola in plastic cup. yes!!

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