Dinner tonight.

Not exactly seasonal, as it’s more attuned to late summer, but I had these ingredients at hand because of shooting my book here at Studio E2.

Roast Veg, Eggs and Spinach…

………Squash, Charlotte potatoes, fennel, chicory, cherry tomatoes, carrots, spinach, eggs……olive oil….sea salt and freshly ground black pepper…..

Cut a squash into quarters and scoop out the seeds. Brush the flesh with olive oil and place in a 200 C oven for about 45 minutes or until lightly charred at the edges and nice and tender.

Thickly slice charlotte potatoes, (skin on) 3 heads of fennel & 1 large head of chicory, both cored and cubed. Carrots scrubbed, (skin on) cut in half lengthwise and a vine of cherry tomatoes. All tumbled and tossed together in a roasting tin with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt and pepper.

Cover with foil and place in oven and cook for about an hour, to an hour and half or until really, really tender. Stir once or twice during cooking. Remove from oven and stir in a couple of large handfuls of young spinach.

Scoop the flesh from the squash into the tin using a spoon, sprinkle with sherry vinegar and toss together again.

Make a few dents in the mixture and break an egg into each. Bang back in the oven and cook until the egg is cooked to your liking. If like me, you like it pretty soft and wobbly, then probably allow 5 minutes, (keep checking though.) longer obviously if you fancy it harder.

Good good good good good good….adlib to fade……

Here’s my sister Jane’s take on it with goats cheese. Nice move Jane! X

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