I’ve given up food styling…..

My book (Dinner at Mine) is now finished, and it’s now time to let on, that I have given up food styling forever. It’s been fun, but it is time.

I’m really not sure what I’m going to do, but I do know I now have to open myself up to any possibilities. So I’m up for any exciting ideas or suggestions.

I do know that I don’t want to be a food photographer, but I do want to take pictures of my food. I do want to concentrate on my artwork. I do want to have fun. I do want to cook. I do want to write about cooking and I do want to do more dancing.

So a combination of all of the above would be good and I now have the amazing Petra, (a true ray of sunshine) my fulltime assistant/project manager by my side, to take us to another level.

Dinner at Mine will be published in September and I’ll be updating here on what’s going on before then and I’ll be hosting some lunches and dinners here in the studio too. So let me know if you’re interested and keep an eye or two peeled on here………..and like I said I’m up for exciting thoughts or sheer genius ideas……

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3 Responses to I’ve given up food styling…..

  1. lucyd says:

    Yay – well done! Another chapter of your life complete with a lovely fresh one waiting to be penned… Keep me posted about when the book is available and where, lots of love xxx

  2. liz belton says:

    Wow Annie, how exciting. Do keep in touch though as I would love to know what you get up too. Can’t wait to see the book too. What is the food photography world going to do with out you? Good luck and follow your dreams x Liz

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