Tribbles – Trouble with Tribbles

I’m re-posting this as I saw this lovely pile of rambutans in Thailand.

My friend Rob and I we’re at work staring at some rambutans. They are quite bizarre when you look at a whole load of them with scrutiny. They reminded me of this mad fluffy fur ball on Star Trek. I told Rob. He said he had no idea what I was going on about and then said, that he didn’t put me down as a Trekkie. I’m not.

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3 Responses to Tribbles – Trouble with Tribbles

  1. Rob White says:

    It’s o.k. to be a Trekkie Annie…

  2. Is there something you want to tell me Rob?

  3. louise says:

    We always called them hairy balls. Amazing fruit that thankfully don’t survive airfreight.

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