Lime Leaves and Kaffir Lime Leaves

The flavour of Kaffir Lime Leaves is both exotic and intensely limey. There’s no real substitute.

I’ve re-posted this. You’ll find it above in the drop down menus under Useful Stuff – Ingredients. (which does just that, gives you useful info on certain ingredients.)

Found in every fresh market in Thailand, fresh Kaffir Lime Leaves can’t be flown in from outside the EU anymore. (check out this very good, clear and simple site about other Thai ingredients) It’s a shame esp. as, although we grow fresh Kaffir lime leaves in this country now, they aren’t such an intense flavour, (and bonkers expensive) as they need tropical heat to grow the best. For me there’s no point using dried lime leaves as it’s about the fresh zestiness that only the fresh leaves will give

Your best bet is frozen. Waitrose now stock frozen limeleaves that are chopped up. (which is a bit confusing!) I used, I guess, a tablespoon of them as an equivalent to 6 leaves.

Lime leaves grow sweetly in line in pairs and more along one stalk.
I was told in Thailand that when you are asked for 1 lime leaf that is one of these double leaves. To remove the stalk fold the leaf in half and pull the stalk away from one end to the next. (This top tip comes from Vim at Sitca on Ko Samui)

Also try Sri Thai on Sheperds’s Bush Road for frozen leaves. They used to sell the fresh ones too. (56 Shepherd’s Bush Road, London W6020 7602 0621) Really lovely family who run this South East Asian supermarket. The owner told me how to make perfect fluffy rice.

A lime leaf that grows here in London?…..This one bears absolutely no relation to the Kaffir lime at all…A salad leaf….

Just found this from the London Forager. Lime trees for me in London have always been a bloody annoyance as in spring they finely spray the world around them in a sticky glue and I’ve often lived in houses with lime trees out the front. For a car driver it’s a real pain in the ass as your car sits like tar in feathers.

But I never realised you could eat the leaves and I really would’ve paid more attention and had a few snacks off them.

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