Organic Wick – Veg box – My very first……

My first ever veg box and well, look how lucky I was! Welcome to the produce of Organic Wick here in Hackney Wick. Really, really high quality produce all bursting with that just been picked goodness. I’m going to attempt to cook up my whole veg and fruit box of goodies every week and will post the recipes as soon as.

I’m thinking Rhubarb and Spring Onion Relish, Broad Bean Mezze mix with Feta, Mushroom and Spring Onion Curry (as I’m still in the asian vibe and have lots of SE asian ingredients to use up.) and Beetroot, Carrot and Cabbage Summer Slaw…….and Banana Cake….(See note below)

I was surprised to find bananas in my fruit bag. I thought that the fruit in the bag was only meant to be from Uk or europe with most of the produce coming from a farm in Essex. OW do say they pop in a treat from further afield (not sure if these would’ve been airfreighted?) to keep us all happy and this was only a tiny bit annoying, as I didn’t expect them in there, had just bought a bunch from local shop, but obviously, I would have bought them anyway as I too can’t do without bananas close at hand…..So I’ll knock out a Banana cake for when Petra gets back.

I’m so impressed with Organic Wick. If you’re local you must use it, cause it’s brilliant and you haven’t got to drag the produce far! They don’t do delivery at mo, but I’m sure as soon as they get more customers, they will. For now I’m chuffed I’m in walking distance of it. Well done Organic Wick!

In my boxes from Organic Wick

Large veg box (£14.68 4-5 people)
2 large bunches beetroot
2 large bunches spring onions
2 x lettuces, (one including my favourite lettuce, Oakleaf)
2 bunches carrots
250 g mushrooms
cherry tomatoes
huge bag broad beans
1 cabbage

Small fruit bag (£4.34 1 person)
6 bananas
small bag cherries
few sticks rhubarb

NB. From what I can gather by now is that, on the whole, produce imported into this country from mainland Europe is better for the environment than airfreighted from there or from further afield……But I’m sorry, I really can’t do without bananas. Ever.

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2 Responses to Organic Wick – Veg box – My very first……

  1. PaulS says:

    wow, how did they get your shoe size right?

  2. I told you they were good!

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