Cookery lesson for a make-up lesson. That’s what I call a deal.

Marie’s kit

About a year ago Marie (Coulter) and I had talked of doing a lesson swap. She would give me a make-up lesson in exchange for some lessons in Thai cooking. Like I said, I reckon that’s a good deal.

So as soon as I got back from Thailand recently, bursting full of all things Asian, I called her up and we got together last Friday. Although I love makeup, I’ve become really lazy about what I use and how I use it, so I needed some really good back to basics advice. This is exactly what I got, plus the inspiration to go create and play!

Cookery lesson, consisted of a trip to a really brilliant Vietnamese supermarket on Mare St, (London Starlight 203-213 Mare St E8 3QE 020 8985 2949)  in Hackney to get a few specialised bits and pieces. I bought galangal, Thai/Vietnamese/holy basil, sawtooth coriander, morning glory and bought more things than I needed. (Later I’ll write up about these and put them on the Ingredients Info page under Useful Stuff above.)

We then came back to the studio and I came up with three recipes, for us to cook together. In between recipes, Marie gave me a look for daytime, that I could then easily top up for evening. She patiently went through the process step by step, explaining every brush stroke, working as an artist with a canvas. I can’t wait to let rip into MAC……

Then, Marie, myself and Kitty munched through each dish as they became ready. First Hot and Sour Lemongrass Soup, then Chicken and Coconut Soup and finally crunchy and gorgeous Chicken and Coconut Salad…….Yum.

Recipes to follow….

Lovely day…….


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