Veg box No.2

In my medium veg box from Organic Wick this week was……

1 bunch carrots
1 bunch beetroot
1 cabbage
1 oakleaf lettuce
2 leafy little gem lettuces
few small/fat cherry tomatoes
a large bunch spring onions

Already it’s a challenge in using up my veg box every week. I’ve got more beetroot, carrots and potatoes, and cabbage to use again…….It’s lucky I love beetroot……I’m thinking….Beetroot and potato frittata, (also using the beetroot leavessummer slaw, (carrot, cabbage, spring onion and beetroot.) with fried chicken, a roast carrot humus……..More salads

My Medium fruit box from Organic Wick

Few cherries
1 small melon
1 lime
2 lemons
punnet blueberries
6 bananas
4 plums

Not sure what to do here. I’ve eaten the blueberries already and the plums and melon need to ripen before I eat or do anything with them. But I was pleased there were a couple of lemons in there as I’m going to make some mint cordial later today…….

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