Restaurants in Residence Young Turks @ The Clove Club

I don’t eat out that often. I went last night. You must go here. There is only tonight left of this restaurants residency in this old office block, (which is being demolished and carted off to Estonia in September!) in Canary Wharf. It felt like there had been an exodus from the building and a restaurant just swooped in and squatted it. I love this sort of experience of using disused buildings for art and performance. Especially when it’s done so well.

The View

The FoodThe food was beautiful. Anyone who serves me a bowl of sweet young peas in their pods scattered with their own pink pea flowers, needs to marry me.

Tomatoes, Goats Milk & Wild Marjoram
Delicate and so, so gorgeous…..

Mackerel, Gooseberry, Cucumber and Crystal Lemon Cucumbers
Gooseberries that transported me to my child hood…..

Angus Rib, Grilled Onions, Porter & Watercress
Absolutely brilliant steak….

Raspberry, Ewe’s Milk Yoghurt & Beremeal Cake
Beautiful bread, yellow butter and gorgeous wine….

Everything was stunning. I would like to go again.

Restaurants in Residence – The Clove Club

The Clove Club

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