Veg Box No.3 from Organic Wick

Week three of my veg and fruit box challenge……

In my ‘Small veg box’ this week from Organic Wick……

Bunch carrots
small handful broad beans
1 cucumber
bag spinach
1 little gem
more potatoes

Thinking…..I need to use up a lot of spuds….Thing is although I have written a cook book on potatoes, and I love ’em, I’m not feeling like eating a load of them at mo. But I will make a Dauphinois (from said book) and maybe a beetroot and potato gratin, that is stock based, too…….

In my ‘Large fruit box’ this week from Organic Wick……

Big bag cherries
Big bag plums
Big punnet of gooseberries
couple oranges
couple lemons

Thinking…..Gooseberries and Custard, Chocolate, Beetroot & Cherry  Brownies,

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4 Responses to Veg Box No.3 from Organic Wick

  1. Pauls says:

    (love your Dauphinoise)

  2. Yeah! I’ve seen the proof!

  3. Hannah says:

    definitely beetroot and cherry brownies. Its my 8th week of no smoking, I deserve them. Please post

  4. Well done Hannah!! Posting it up tomorrow. I’ve literally just had a piece. It is really, really good. Crunchy and chewy round the edges, and squidgy and fudgy in the middle. It will be at it’s best tomorrow too….

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