News Of the World used to light barbecue – Thank you and Goodbye – C’mon baby light my fire…

Ok, well my fire lighting skills weren’t so hot yesterday and I didn’t manage to keep the barbecue alight. Even as an author of a barbecue book and even using that very final issue of News of the World…..(or maybe that’s why…) I failed.

…..Yes I built a pyramid with the newspaper and coals. Yes I made rolls of paper to stick in. I fanned it. Partially covered it. I lit it again and again. But no. I tried to rush it. I was distracted. I ran out of time. We were starving. Ok. I resorted back to hob and oven.

I was also trying not to use firelighters or any other chemical to get it started. Can’t stand the whiff of petrol fumes, that you get with those disposable barbecues and self lighting bags, over me chops. Tonight I remembered that when I worked in Sicily we used a few drops of olive oil, dripped on the paper to help light it. (but any cooking oil would do it.)

I’ve also just found this link which suggests starting a couple of coals on the hob first, which I really like the sound of, and makes perfect sense. With tongs you just transport them to the barbecue to set the other coals alight. I’ll try again today with these tips.

For some good green Eco and healthy BBQ options on what to use and why, check this blog out. And I may get some sustainably sourced charcoal from here.…..Then there is something called a chimney starter, which seems to be the bbq gadget of this time. It helps to burn the charcoal first then you drop the coals onto the bbq.

Light my fire……

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