Anchovy Scrambled Eggs – Dinner last night

I looked in the fridge, again AND? I still have nothing! Do I have to go to the shops now?…….But as always, it’s possible to create something out of very little and I’m rather proud of this little number. At the end of one of those little jars of anchovies, I’m usually left with some oil in the bottom. This time there was a couple of anchovies that had got crushed in the bottom of my jar in my rush previously to hook their mates to the surface…..1. I took a couple of teaspoons of this anchovy oil and heated it in a non stick pan. (you could of course just crush a couple of fillets to a mash)

2. Then I beat 2 eggs with salt and pepper and 1-2 tablespoons of cream in a small bowl.

3. I poured the egg mix onto the warm anchovy oil and stirred until soft gorgeous lobes of scrambled egg had just formed.

No time to lose, I tipped it into a bowl, crumbled on a little fresh goats cheese and swallowed quickly. Easy Peasy.

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