Veg Box No.4 from Organic Wick

In my medium veg box from Organic Wick this week…..

Bag carrots….another salad I think….
large bunch spring onions….handy….

2 beetroot…..I might make the Baked Beetroot and Hazelnut salad again and an omelette with the beetroot leaves…..

bag spinach…..not sure yet…

1 kolrabi….another salad I think with this lovely crunchy vegetable…

a bulb of garlic….always handy

load of different courgettes and summer squashes….very excited about these….I’m thinking a delicate stir fry……Just with basil….
more potatoes….had to give last lot away….I guess this is one small prob of the veg box idea. You don’t/won’t always get what you really love to eat all the time……but I’ll make potato pancakes……

My friend Lou, who gets a box from Riverford, was saying that boringly cabbage is always in season, and I agree. There are only a certain amount of things you can do with cabbage. I really like it, but not all the time though…..maybe I should pickle some…..

I constantly feel challenged with my cooking by getting this weekly box, which is good. I was too much a creature of habit when it came to food shopping before.

So I still have a cabbage and a half left in the fridge from a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I’ll cook up a cabbage stir fry as well as the pickle. Let me have a go……

In my medium fruit bag from Organic Wick this week…..

A charantais melon…this juicy orange fleshed melon is one of my favourite melons of all time..I will just eat this tomorrow for breakfast. Slurp.
Bunch Rhubarb…after debating with mum, Sarah and Lu in the hospital. Lu suggested Rhubarb Fool. So I’m def gonna make that in next few days.  Lu also reminded me of being given raw sticks of rhubarb dipped in sugar as kids……
Lots Pears….Pear salad maybe……… There’s a lovely recipe I have from when I worked in Sicily. Not really Sicilian but great evenso…..Cos/Romaine, toasted hazelnuts, pine nuts, lemon, olive oil, salt and  pepper and lots of lovely shavings of Parmesan. It is good.
Punnet blueberries.…Blueberry and frangipan cake?…
I will still have lots of pears left too…..Lets see how they ripen…

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