Ongelet Steak

Petra came back from the butchers (Ginger Pig) and was intrigued by something she had seen there. Ongelet she said was on offer. It rang a bell so we looked it up.

Ongelet also goes by the name Hanger meat or bistro steak. (or Butchers steak because butchers would often keep this prized cut aside for themselves.) The steak has a beautiful almost feathered texture to the meat. It’s fairly inexpensive for steak, (£5 for 300 g, enough for two people.) and it needs to be cooked quickly and pretty rare it said.

I cooked it in the pan with remaining garlic flavoured oil I cooked the croutons in for the Caesar salad, (Make sure you hook out any bits of remaining garlic as they will burn and become bitter if cooked more.) or you could just use a tablespoon of olive oil in a non stick pan.

1. Season the steak on both sides. Heat pan, until hot and sear the steaks quickly (less than a minute.) on both sides. Quickly seared on the bbq could be good.

2. Let it sit to rest for 10 minutes before serving. (This really does make a difference and the steak will be more tender.)

It had an amazing flavour, and an almost creaminess, apparently due to the fact that it sits very close to the kidneys.

We served it on a pile of the Caesar salad and bloody good it was…..

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